Hey, there! I’m Ricard Garcia, a type designer, letterrer and ode enthusiast currently based somewhere in between Barcelona & New York City. I work on graphic and editorial design and I love drawing letters in as many ways as possible. Always making them reinforce the content they are holding. I also use code to sketch and iterate in graphic and type designs ideas. 

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Initially working as a graphic designer now I would describe myself as a type designer, letterer and code enthusiast. Since I was a kid I am fascinated by the impact letterforms can have in their endless world of shapes. With a special interest in visual poetry and poster design, I started studying Graphic Design at the University of Barcelona in the Faculty of Fine Arts where I focused my interest on type design and lettering.


Even before graduating from this BA on 2015 I started preparing myself to apply for the prestigious MA Programme Type and Media at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, NL where I finally graduated on july 2019 under the guidance of teachers such as Erik van Blokland, Paul van der Laan and Peter Verheul. For my final project I developed Prelude, a display type family influenced by the calligraphic roots. This was a result of a whole year changing a lot my perspective on how to design, draw and approach design projects from the learning-by-doing perspective. Also during Type and Media, I made an immersion into code and I started developing of tools not only for my own but for Typerepublic, the foundry that I am working at as a type designer and tool developer.

I started working on 2014 in this foundry based in Barcelona was started by Andreu Balius and working with him we released together typefaces such as Poblet or Patufet. In 2017 was lucky enought to be an assistant type designer of Andreu Balius for the design of the corporate typeface for SEAT as well.


Besides this, my interest in type design brought me to be part of the International Conference of Typography (CIT) of València in 2014 and 2016 something that opened the doors to be part of the volunteer crew in ATypI Barcelona ‘14.

In early 2016 I also organised a type walk in Barcelona showing the history of the city in another perspective for those who are not that familiar with sign painting, calligraphy and engraved letters. This is an initiative that I am always open to do again if there is enough people interested.

This fascination for type and graphic design combined with the will of explaining why I like them so much to new students also has made me be a teacher in different sort of lettering and calligraphy workshops.


And last but not least, I am a very curious person always interested in art and mainly music. I am a bass and a trumpet player and this is something that helps combine my work with another field of culture. I also love street photography and I am trying to replicate my heroes in this field in whatever city I am visiting.

Summarised CV


2011-2015: BA in Graphic Design, University of Barcelona.2018: Anual Course in Calligraphy, Visions (Barcelona). 2019: MA in Type and Media, KABK.


2014: Graphic designer at Buzz Marketing Networks. 2014-2018 & 2019-present: Type designer at Typerepublic.
2015: Editorial designer at Librooks.
2016: Assistant teacher in Graphic Design at UB.


Adobe Suite: I work daily using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Type design: some projects in my portfolio are produced in Glyphs while some in Robofont. I feel comfortable with anything that has a pen tool so I can also work with FontLab or any future software that might come.

Code: I mainly work using Python and sometimes ObjectiveC/PyObjC. 

Hand made (calligraphy): even though it is obvious, all calligraphic pieces you can see in the website are done by hand. I can work with pen, brushes,…

Open to

Teaching and giving letcures about graphic design, type design, lettering, calligraphy or code.

Organise Type Walks in Barcelona for small groups of people or companies whether they are aware or not of what sign painting and lettering is.
Collaborate with projects and people that might be interested on selfpromotion.

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Barcelona & New York City
(working remotely)


(+34) 665 847 996