Hello! I’m Ricard, a type designer, letterer & code enthusiast from Barcelona. I love jazz too.

Reinforcing the voice of each message my work goes from unique pieces to full typefaces & generative art.

Qui més estima (literal translation of “The one who loves the most”) is the latest hit by the catalan band called Mishima. 
     Because of this sweetness I decided to make a tribute to these words and taking the opportunitty to work on a high contrasted a very flowy lettering inspired by the late 19th century models such as Copperplate and Spencerian.
     Since the beginning, the idea was to work on a composition in which both words and ornament would play an important role to transmit feelings. such as the happines or the bliss you feel when you are near that person you love without even knowing any word of catalan (language of the sentence).