Hello! I’m Ricard, a type designer, letterer & code enthusiast from Barcelona. I love jazz too.

Reinforcing the voice of each message my work goes from unique pieces to full typefaces & generative art.

There is a whole humoristic movement in the spanish scene that is now clamining a kind of oldfashioned vocabulary and this was the starting point of this piece of lettering.

How can I relate an oldfashioned word from the ’50s & ’60s to its aesthetic? Well, if we look a lettering pieces from those decades, we can see a bunch of examples of brush lettering mainly in adverstising from the U.S. In this sense, I took the word Zanguangos, which means “lazy people”, and I started working with the brush in order to get a starting point that could relate to this influence.

The result is a flexible and organic piece that recongnises the original context of that word and at the same time, connects the meaning to the forms themselves.